Short Code SMS Service

Short Code SMS Service

In brief, a short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, like a short telephone number, used by businesses for text message purposes. Smart Logics offer shared and dedicated both types of Short Code Services. Short codes are widely used on print advertising, Television and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising. They are simply unforgettable 5 digit SMS Text numbers, Smart Logics short code numbers are common to all major Indian mobile phone operators.

How SMS Short Codes Work

Dedicated short codes have a number of “KEYWORDS” associated with that particular number. When sharing a short code the keyword is what would differentiate one user/business from another.

For example:
Anup’s Pizza and Mack’s share the short code 54321

Advantages of Shortcode 56161

  • Easy to Remember Number
  • 24X7 Lead Generation Tool.
  • Integration From Online Application.
  • Auto Leads Management Date Wise.
  • Immediate Auto Reply Acknowledgement Message.

Features of Short Code SMS Service

  • Free Auto Reply.
  • SMS Forwarding at mobile
  • Email forwarding
  • URL Calling for application Integration
  • Download Report in Excel.
  • Unlimited FREE sub keyword.
  • Web Base Control Panel
  • Real Time Reporting

Difference Between Short Code and Long Code SMS Service.

  • Short codes are 5-6 Digit Number and its easy to remember
  • Short codes are limited to national borders, hence must be activated for each country/carrier.
  • Short codes are allowed to send thousands of messages a second
  • Short codes have a set cost to purchase
  • Long codes are difficult to remember
  • International reach
  • Can send messages and make calls from the same number
  • Lower cost for long codes
  • Easy setup, possible to launch same day