Stock Management Software

If any company required to manage a inventory than the company should prefer this stock management software. Through the help of this software a company can check out the stock at any time.

If any company managing the multiple pricing of the particular product, than we have a facility to manage a multiple pricing like dealer price, retailer price, customer price.

If we want to search a report according to a tax wise then we can easily track through our Stock Software. We have one more functionality to add a multiple taxes according to our product

If we have a multiple firms through which we are dealing a products to our Companies/Customers, than we have functionality to manage a multiple companies.

A create estimate is use to generate a rough idea of their customer’s requisition in our Stock software.

This invoice part is mainly use to give computer generated sale/tax invoice. We can moderate the invoice according to our requirement easily

If there is any company which required a customized invoice type than we can also generate a multiple type of invoice for that company.

Our stock software covering the multiple reporting criteria, which helps the company to filter out there requirement that are given below:

  •   Tax Wise.
  •   Customer Wise.
  •   Company Wise.
  •   Date Wise.
  •   Month Wise.
  •   Billing Number wise.
  •   Area wise.
  •   Year Wise.
  •   Invoice Type Wise.
  •   Stock Wise Report.