Dec 01, 2020

Have you done an Internship before starting your first job? If Leave “Yes” leaves a comment below in the comment section below and if “No” do share your experience in the comment box. 

Most probably those who have done Internship before job must haven’t faced much trouble in understanding the working culture of their office.  

What is an Internship actually?

If we talk in simple words, an Internship is actually a “demo job” or an “overview of a job”. 

 And in all, you’ll be prepared to show your work done to the companies you always wanted to get appointed, along with that you’ll be able to perform with your full potential. 
Including all these advantages of Internship before job you can have 7 more benefits:

1. Gives you Professional Experience

The experience that you will gain as an intern is invaluable and that experience cannot be gained in the classroom or in making notes. If you are doing your Internship in Digital Marketing, it has various concepts then after doing an internship, you will encounter different roles that you have to play in your chosen field, and this will prepare you for other responsibilities also that the company can expect from you. You will learn how a team works, how you will be expected to behave in different situations. This Internship will prepare you to accelerate your mind to perform. 

2. Creates Professional Connection

One more advantage you have while doing an internship is you will meet new people and it is always considered more new people you talk to more you grow your knowledge and eventually take to greater heights and success. During your internship, you will meet experienced mentors and freshers just like yourself and if you think it’s hard to find Internships in small cities you can also find Internships in Meerut and Ghaziabad which are near to Delhi also you can find good companies from them you can learn something new.   

3. Makes your CV Attractive

Big companies in metropolitan cities most want someone with experience, suppose you want a job as Website Designer then they would prefer some with experienced or someone has at least done Internship in Website designing over you. No matter if you have completed your studies you have done your graduation, Post Graduation, master's, and you are all set for some job then you be in some wrong thoughts. Yes, your degree is important but have you done anything yet which is more than making notes and assignment? Then recruiter will probably hire someone with experience because he/she has material to show in their resume that you don’t, internship for college students is valuable as it adds value to their Resume.

Your resume will have more content and you will have more confidence. 

4. Build-up your Confidence

An internship will boost your confidence because you will be aware of all the answers to the questions that recruiters may put-up, when you know your strengths, your weaknesses, when you have experienced this will automatically increase your confidence, which will be visible to the recruiting team and company always want someone who has experience and confidence that can benefits their company. 

5. Improve Your Skills

As mentioned above when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses you know where to improve whether it’s your communication skills, or your working speed, or anything else that you are weak in your own field you can improve all of that with your mentor's support, without any pressure. This one advantage of an internship will definitely help you to get placed in your dream company.

6. Recognize your strengths and Flaws

I believe that no one in this world is perfect, no one is there who knows everything, anyone who has experience of more than a decade or fresher with top grades everyone needs to learn something from others. Everyone has flaws but what is important is to improve yourself at every point, knowing your weakness and working on them is should be your ever goal. 

The internship will benefit students to learn your flaws and you can improve to be the best version of yourself. 

7. Learn new Tactics

Just think of how amazing will that to learn some amazing tricks and methods as a fresher in your job, whatever you have learned as an intern all those tactics will make your work easier and allow you to perform like an expert. Which may attract your seniors and brings you to the limelight, it is important to know some things which are more than books. 

Firstly all those students who are going to start their very first job or looking for an Internship would like to wish good luck. Internship is Important in Digital Marketing Internship, it is important in Website Development or any other, else you can Read or see below:

There are hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who always advise you to go for an Internship before going for your first job or even if you want to start your own business. The owner of Schbang Company “Harshil Karia” is running an extremely successful advertising company has also advised going for an Internship if you really want to be successful in whatever you do. You can check out the link to listen to Harshil Karia 
 Listen to Harshil Karia:

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