Good Customer Service is the base of every company. Service CRM comes out with all optimistic features along with suitable software accompanied with smarter options. We turn out with a work flow based customized Service CRM that helps users to get familiar with real time benefits. The strong foundation of any company lies in its customer service. Availability of optimistic features is what makes Service CRM, one of the most reputed.

Here, We explore technology in a new way using the Mobile App, along with tools retaining valuable customers getting good drive engagement. By using this application, customer relationship management becomes easy and customer friendly. Service CRM using latest mobile & cloud technology helping eliminate paperwork, improve productivity & provide great service.

Technician at field work –FSM

Core Features of FSM Software or Field Service App

Client Contract Management

Service Management becomes more easy and organized with the help of contract management.

Client Amc Management

AMC Management helps to keep all records of services and warranty related to AMC or CAMC Contract.

Warranty Management

This allows to manage and track warranty contracts by sending reminders for better customer service.

Service Management

It digitize and automate the after sales service process by delivery valuable customer service experience.

Complaint Management

Complaint or Job management manages day to day issues coming from various sources at customer end.

Field Engineer

Manage unlimited field service engineers or technicians along with their photograph and skills.

Payment Management

It helps to manage payments or collections from customers in smart and effective way on daily basis.

Installment Management

This allows to manage customer periodic installments efficiently and send timely reminders by SMS.

Stock Management

It gives complete visibility on stock of raw material to finish goods or stock assign to engineer for job.

Field Engineer Tracking

This helps to increase technician efficiency on the field and monitor their daily work performance.

Complete White Label Branding

We take your of your Brand Image, that why we provide 100% while label solution with your name only.

Suitable For Every Service Industry

100% best suitable service management software and app for any service business related to field activities.

How Service CRM Works?

Service CRM makes simplify & streamline your operations.

Customer calls service centre or book complaint directly from App

Complaint in CRM can booked by your call center or client can book complaint directly from your own app.

Service centre assigns complaint to field engineer

Service center assign calls to field engineer based on their availability.

Service technician received job alert

Once the call is assigned field engineer will immediately received the alert by SMS and notification.

Field engineer visit on-site, fixes the issue and close the complaint

Field engineer updates the job information along with spare parts used, capture real-time photos, digital signature with customer, ask for the OTP to close the complaint.

Challenges vs Solutions!


Technician Visibility – To know the exact location of the service technician.

Technician Utilization – To find out how best to utilize the technician capacity.

Quick Job Response and Resolution – Prompt response to a support ticket and customer query and aim to resolve it faster.

We design top quality websites that will be a sure asset for...


Technician Visibility – To know the exact location of the service technician.

Technician Utilization – To find out how best to utilize the technician capacity.

Quick Job Response and Resolution – Prompt response to a support ticket and customer query and aim to resolve it faster.

We design top quality websites that will be a sure asset for...

Client Contract Management
Client Amc Management
Warranty Management
Service Management
Complaint Management
Field Engineer Management
Payment Management
installment managmement Installment Managmement
Stock Management
Field Engineer Tracking
Complete White Label Branding
Suitable For Every Service Industry
Work Smart, rather than Work Hard !

Some Silent Features of Service CRM

Own Company Mobile App

Get your own Mobile App with your brand name. Its helps your clients to reach you easily.

New Sale and AMC Management

Manage your New Sale and AMC Contracts with complete customer details including payment, product and validity etc.

Service Reminders

Service CRM will provide service reminders on daily basis. Service Alerts will send in form of SMS and App Notifications.

EMI Management

It helps to manage your client’s installment easily. Installment reminders will send in form of SMS.

24 x 7 online Complaint

Enable customers to book your complaint online, day or night.

Book Complaint through App-SmartLogics
Job Management

Access all client and job details from the field, anywhere, anytime. Field Engineer has all the info they need to get the job done.

Job History

Client can check his past Job history of complaints and service with technician details like technician photo, contact no and work details.

Purchase and Inventory Management

Manage your purchase and control your item inventory easily.

Capture On-site Photos

Take photos on-site from Service CRM and they’re saved instantly to the complaint or service, forever.

Capture Signature

Record proof that your customer is happy to proceed with a job or pay for completed work.

Job Management Through App-SmartLogics
Jobs on Map

It enables field engineer to have a quick view of their Jobs locations on map in his mobile app.

Field Engineer on Map

It enables admin to having a quick view of all field engineer on a map in single click.

Material Consumption Management

Manage items used in complaint or service, issue items to field engineer, issue return from technician etc.

SMS Alerts and App Notifications

Customized SMS alerts & notifications makes communication easier and always get in touch with the customer.

Available on both Android and IOS

Available on both Android and IOS

Revenue Reports

Know your cash flow with revenue reports on sale, complaint and service etc.

Technician Tracking by App-SmartLogics
Customer Feedback

The easiest and fastest way to collect feedback about your complaint or service.

Customized Reports

Create your own customized reports according to your business needs.

Access anytime, anywhere

Access to your complete business's full job schedule, anywhere wherever you are.

Multi User

Multi user with user access rights enables admin to assign work according to their Job responsibilities.

And many more.

Service CRM has many extend functionality in specific areas, or assist certain industries.

Get Feedback from customer by App


Service CRM is a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop software and mobile app that streamlines the business operations
of a company in the field service industry. Download for free from the AppStore or PlayStore.

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Field Service Management Software (FSM) FAQs:

How field service management software organize your business?

As a general overview, Field Service Management Software works as a solution for those businesses which has to coordinate on field services. It increases efficiency in your working ways. You can book complaints 24*7 no matter wherever you are, reminds of all the bookings and complaints not an only reminder to you but also sends notification and messages to the customers and engineers. It includes everything from keeping all tracks of technicians like his personal details, maintaining his attendance, his expenses to earnings individually. This technology gives you the advantage to change engineers last time also or keep a track of engineer’s visits to a particular customer.

Carry document and heavy files is not a smarter way of working. Through Field Service Management (FSM) Your technician is able to generate automatic invoices to the customers along with you can track or manage the working of your technician.

Automated jobs system is better, along with all these facilities sometimes it become hard to find the history of clients and technicians. But with service management software you can find the longest history of the technicians on what and how many jobs are assigned to the same as same with clients you can check history of each and every client like how many times your technician has visited to that particular client with the time and dates.

Service management system is truly best in administrating field services getting your system in order and organized one should go with field service management software.

What are major features of service management software?

If we talk about field service management software it provides multiple features but just like every other software has its own specialty which is extremely useful.

Job Management
Managing technician’s job can be a difficult task, when you have countless complaints and assigning a job to the correct technician who might be nearby to that location. Service CRM helps you in managing the job of your technician, you can check the technician’s real-time and then assign the job to that particular technicians and that will turn to be the easiest task for you. You can manage his attendance and leaves as it provides you the excess to check that in his own particular calendar.

SMS Alerts and App Notifications
When it comes to notify or update technician quickly or sending confirmation or canceling update to the clients it is hard to remember when there are too many of these, but after you get field service management software you get access to send update immediately as soon as you book complaints your technician will receive notification and clients will message of confirmation along with that if you are canceling a complaint an automatic message will be generated that will be received by client and technician. Suppose of managing all this with hundreds of complaints in a day will that be possible for you to manage perfectly? Surely not, so you see how useful this feature is for you.

New Sales and AMC Management
This has one more important feature for you i.e “New Sales and AMC Management” here you can find more flexible method for your business to run. Through AMC Management software you can check how many services are still pending or how any new contacts you have added to your list. This is how you won’t forget your new or old contracts.

What is the difference between Service Management Software and Field Service App?

There is a vast difference between Service Management Software and Field Service App but if we talk about the benefits of they both are extremely helpful for different types of businesses.

How much does field service management software cost?

Field Service Management App is pennyworth app it offers you so many features in most affordable cost, it can bring huge difference in your working system and accuracy. You can save your money by booking complaints on your own, whereas you must have someone hired who listen to your calls, another to manage your office management and many others to look after small jobs that you can manage on your own, all you need a solution and Service Management App is best for. You don’t have to pay different employee instead all this you can do all these jobs your own self. This will reduce your expenses to half.

When should you buy field service management software?

One should buy Field Service Management Software when you have expand your business but you totally failed to manage you work efficiently. When you are not able to manage your AMC Management, when you are not able to manage your mails and SMS’s or when you are unable to mange technicians job or book complaints when too many. In fact some smart business person will buy Service Management App right when he/she setup their business because in this case you can save lot of you investment and stay away from any lose.

Which kind of industries uses service management software?

There are several types of industries where Service Management App is extremely useful for field service industries like HVAC, Water Purifier, Electrical Repair, Plumbing, Pest Control, and Appliance Repair, Care Washing, Tank Cleaning, Home Cleaning, IT Computer Repair, Industrial Maintenance, Handy Men Services, Medical Equipment, Facility Property Management. As these industries where they have to book complaints frequently and it’s hard to manage several complaints, so with Field Service Management App you can book complaints or assign jobs without any chaos, you can even mange your Annual Reports.

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