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Start using our Legal Case Management system to track case, expenses, bills etc for your company.

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Some Silent Features

Client Management

With the helps of LMS, you can manage every detail of every client from a Single Dashboard. Before filing a case, here we have to manage the details and the dispute before the case must proceed.

Tele-caller Follow-ups before Case Filing

Before the case filing, our system is capturing the telecaller follow-ups to settle the dispute before the case filing. This system helps you to remind the date by date follow-ups and their said history.

System Generated Notice

You can also send the System Generate Notice to the client E-Mail Automatically. legal notice is a formal written communication, where company notifies the client about his intention before proceeding legal case.

Manage Legal Agency / Firms

Several times it has been assumed, that single company is associated with many legal agencies for their cases management. Here you can manage N number of legal agencies for clients cases management. Also track all the expenses claimed by the legal agency.

Assign cases to Legal Agency

In case if the case does not settle even after the telecaller follow-ups and notice, then you (company) can assign the case to legal agency for further case filings. Now Legal Agency will filed the case regarding dispute and with the help of LMS, Legal Agency will save all details related to case like Case Number., related Court, Folio Number, Office File No., related case files, First Appearance Date, and related contact person etc.,

Court Hearing/Activities

LMS helps Legal Agency to identify in advance conflicts in hearing dates falling on the same day. Eliminate last-minute rush to courts. By getting intimated by our automated reminders well ahead of time, you can plan both your work, teamwork in an informed manner.

Case Stages

LMS manage the case stages for every client. It also manage the entire activity workflow processes during every stage.

Upload Documents of Cases

Legal Agency can upload and download all case-related documents during Case Hearing to improve collaboration, storage, security and linking of data across different stages that you can access from anywhere, at any time.

Case Settlement

Once the case is settled, then close it from the LMS end. And all get the detailed reports for settlement.

Manage Case Payment to Legal Agency

LMS manage all the due payments which has to be made to Legal Agency for each client, also keep all the records once the payment is done to Legal Agency.

In Depth Reporting Facility

Generate detailed reports and provide measurable values through a flexible reporting system. LMS advanced reports facilitate the analysis and the control of your business.

Mobile Friendly Web Application

LMS is a secured Web application, that can be accessed by any user anytime through a web browser or even in mobile, because its 100% mobile friendly.

Multi User

With Legal Management Software, work allocation becomes easy. It allows you to Add co-workers/associates to the system within minutes. Assign tasks, create to-dos, store case notes, and stay on top of team activities without expending too much time.

Export Facility

LMS gives you great customized reports according to your business needs.

SMS & Email Integration

Customized SMS Notifications & Email alerts makes communication easier and always get in touch with the client.


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