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Some Silent Features

Product Catalog Management

Product Masters contains a record for each item (part) number. Item Master includes information such as Name of the Items, Alias, Item Description, Cost of Goods, MRP, and Safety Stock (Reorder) Levels.

Inventory Control

Inventory management is the part of supply chain management that aims to always have the right products in the right quantity for issue or purchase, at the right time.

Requisition Management

Item Requisition allows the department users to make request for item requisition of inventorized items. Once the department head received the item requisition request, he can reviewed it and approve or reject.

Stock Issue Management

Stock In-charge can view the request of pending item requisition and has the right to issue the inventory against that Item Requisition.

Purchase Indent

In case if some item is short in their Inventory, then Stock In-charge can raise the Purchase Indent for Item Procurement. Once the Purchase Indent has raised then request regarding Purchase Indent / Purchase Requisition will be sent to Purchase Manager for Approval. Now Purchase Manager can reviewed it and approve or reject.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Manager can raise the system generate Purchase Order from system against the purchase requisition and send to Vendor.

Good Received Note / Rejection Management

Stock In-charge is responsible for all the supplies, goods supply by vendor against Purchase Order and raise the GRN entry into the system and reject the damage goods. Once the GRN is done, those items will be added into the Inventory.

Purchase Management

For all Receivable Items / Products Purchase Department makes the Purchase entry for the payment for vendor.


Finance Department make the entry of all the payment made to vendor.

Stock Transfer

Sometime due to multiple branches in an organization, Stock In-charge can transfer the stock from one location to another location.

In Depth Reporting Facility

Generate detailed reports and provide measurable values through a flexible reporting system. PMS advanced reports facilitate the analysis and gives control on your expenses and requisitions.

Mobile Friendly Web Application

PMS is a secured Web application, that can be accessed by any user anytime through a web browser or even in mobile, because its 100% mobile friendly.

Multi User

With Procurement Management Software, work allocation becomes easy. It allows yours department/employees to raise the requisition by login into this. Every Department Head has separate rights to access his module only.

Export Facility

PMS gives you great customized reports according to your business needs.

SMS & Email Integration

Customized SMS Notifications & Email alerts makes communication easier in-house and always get the best from your vendors.


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