Dec 10, 2020

So have you ever thought of how many of your own classmates want to join the same company after completing their course that you have been that you were wondering for years?

How an internship is helpful for your future?

Maybe they are far much more then you are thinking and now think of students who are pursuing the same course as you are but from some other institute and then think of how many are doing in your city, now in your state and than in the whole country and some of all those students wants to join the same company you want to join.

Felt conscious of how you're going to make it,

Alright, now you should think about what have you done differently from anyone else to make yourself stand out of that crowd?

Just suppose you are doing the course in website designing and you want to join some advertising company, then what makes recruiter pick you and not some other candidate.

Then you will know the benefits of Internship

How Internship is helpful before doing a job

First, let us know what's the actual meaning of Internship is  

What is an internship?

An internship means to become a part of some company or get appointed to some firm but on temporary position, an internship can be paid or unpaid or even charged, some internship is offered after completing your degree course or some should be complete right before you complete your course. 

There are thousands of options of doing an Internship, like an Internship in Digital Marketing, an Internship in Dot Net, an Internship in Website Designing, etc. but an internship is extremely helpful before switching to Job.  

Internship gives you a closer look of the professional world

There are generally hard for some students to work in an office and face many problems while they were good at their universities or at school but what happened to them at their office though they were expert in their studies. 

Comment below in the comment box if you have also faced problems in starting at your first job?

And let us also know have you ever came to know why at happened at you were not performing well?  

Maybe because you were never ready for your first job, or you may haven't done an Internship. An internship gives you a professional world experience and that too without going through any pressure while you are doing any internship you are never completely responsible for any project or you will never have to do multiple tasks on your own but you will always have someone to support or help you this makes you familiar the working culture of the corporate world. 

Now, if you are going to your first job then you will be already aware of the tasks that may be assigned to you or how to finish these tasks at the given time. You will know how to manage or arrange your work.

Internship Increase your Portfolio

Suppose you are a student of Business Development and you have completed your course. Setting all our documents and your CV for an interview and an interview, the recruiter takes a look at all the CV's of all the candidates appearing and they could not find anything impressive in your CV, all the way they will ignore and will move forward to find someone more experienced.

Yes, this is what internship does if they will see Internship in Business Development written in your CV's they will definitely stop and would like to meet you and attached certificate in your portfolio. An internship adds value to your resume and portfolio.

And this might adds value to your pay scale as well.   

Internship Increase your Professional Network

When you will work for some clients at Internship, or you may be doing Internship in Meerut in Digital Marketing then you can be able to get chance to meet some Business owner and you got successful in Impressing, you get recruited in the same company.

Or in the same company you get chance to meet the whole team of experts with full of experience of their work and their industry, they can teach you so much about your work can even recruit you to some good company through their connectivity.  

Internship can turn to full-time Job

As we have discussed above internship will increase your network with some more powerful people in your industry, this could also be possible to get appointed in the same company where you are doing an Internship if you performed well during your internship your seniors might refer you to the Manger to keep you as a permanent in the Job.

This is also a benefit of doing an Internship.  

Internship makes you realize your weakness

If you think you have performed extremely well in exams and toped your universities exam then you should know that there is a vast difference in learning and doing things practically but you will never know that what your weakness is, you will only come to know your parts of improvement when you practice that or implement them in real life.

But you should always look for the Best Internship Company that not only hire Interns for fulfilling their own needs but also train you and guide you so that you can learn your strongest side and your weak side. Then only your Internship will be helpful before doing Job. 

Most importantly Internship will elevate your personality

How many times happened to you that you feared something and when you finally faced it you start feeling confident than onwards?

Maybe every time, the same happens when you will already face an interview in an Internship you will be more confident in your interview for the job. Along, with this when you will be aware of professional working when you know your strengths and weaknesses.     

So, you see how all of this will "first job fear" will no more be fear to you. An Internship is will truly turn to be your holy grail for your Job and interview.

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